is a company of wholesale Precious Metal jewelry handcrafted in Bali. Offer Bali ethnic,tribal, modern brass,silver,copper,bronze,pewter,gold body jewelry such as Earplugs, Earweights, rings, earrings at low wholesale prices. is a portfolio of work Body jewelry and SilverJewelry made in Bali. It features traditional items, geometric,tribal, sculpture, etc. covers all metal body jewelry as objects – eminently wearable pieces – and art, works which are linked to traditional forms but are not primarily designed to be worn. also welknown as production partner for numbers of jewelry ditributors with exclusive models . Models that selling in this website mostly the published.

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ILB Jewelry

Bali Brass Jewelry
Manufacturer-Works-Wholesale & Retail. (Producer)
Denpasar 80118 Bali Indonesia

+62 818573777